If you have ever had a restricted diet you learn very quickly that there are two things that must be sacrificed: convenience and taste. But I’m here to tell you that Gluten Free Sensation’s Granola breaks the mold! Not only is it easy to grab and go for snacks it tastes great as well. It truly makes my gluten-free existence a little more pleasant.                        Stephanie

I am the mother of a 5 year old Celiac daughter, Avarie. While working at the Gluten Free Vendor Fair in Lisle last week, my husband bought a few raffle tickets and we had the great fortune to win a box containing all 8 of your products. You really produce a delicious product! We have been happily munching through each box of granola, and just when I thought they couldn't get any better, cherry almond came along! I love the packaging-it is informative about who you are, and the recipes on each box are a great addition. And we haven't even got to the pancake mix yet!

Thank you for creating such a flavorful product-it is evident that you've poured your heart and soul into it, and I am recommending it to everyone, gluten free or not!                                                                                      Jenell

I just had to write to tell you how good your Chocolate Chip Cookies are! We don't have a medical reason to be Gluten Free, but I've heard so many good things about your products that I had to try them (not to mention supporting a local business). I made them for my kids today and they loved them! So much that my son snuck into the kitchen and helped himself to a second one. I will definitely be trying you other products!               Rebecca, CMT, NBCA Schoolcraft, MI

Our cinnamon rolls arrived in perfect condition.  They were amazing!  Completely full of flavor and very moist.  I will be ordering again!              Beth, Wisconsin

I have been eating gluten free for a couple of years now. So by far I have tried tons of different products. Sensations is SENSATIONAL. I don’t know how or what you do but please don’t ever stop doing it. I am sure if you could see my tears of joy you would understand. I am so looking forward to trying the rest of your products the Cranberry Pecan Granola is amazing and I look forward to trying the cheesecake recipe for my family on Thanksgiving day. They will never tease me again. Thank you!

                                           Natelia, Grand Rapids, Michigan

One of the reasons I love going to conferences is because there is always SOMETHING you haven't seen before. Hosting the table right across from me was Gluten Free Sensations. They were cooking up the perfect breakfast for the early visitors, Cream of Brown Rice. If you seek a really filling and warm breakfast while it is super cold outside then this is the ticket! But they also had something that I thought would just be ho-hum... Vanilla Almond Granola, boy was I underestimating this one!!! I have tried a lot of good granola lately but this one is hands down my favorite. Gluten Free Sensations might be new to the GF scene but they are here to stay.

                                                       By Jay (www.glutenfreepost.com)

Since my twin girls were diagnosed with celiac disease, I have been searching for a cookie that not only tastes 'normal' but has a smooth texture. This cookie mix is easy to prepare and isn't grainy like most GF mixes out there. I also love the fact that you can make up the cookie mix and freeze it in cookie size balls for a quick bake when it is needed.

I am never concerned about serving this GF cookie to the girls' friends, at church, or to anyone that comes over for a visit. With the compliments that I have had since finding this cookie mix, you would never know it is gluten free. Thanks for developing a product that allows my girls to feel normal and allows me to serve only one dessert!!         Sheila, Plymouth, Wisconsin

The first thing that impressed me with these cookies was that the dough tasted fantastic. Most GF mixes that I've made taste disgusting until you bake them and then they taste good. I ate a good portion of the dough before even getting them to the oven. Lucky for me, each batch makes lots of cookies!

We took the cookies on a family vacation and it was there that they received one of the best compliments that gluten free food can get... my GF daughter "caught" my brother-in-law eating a cookie and asked him if she could have one. As he took a second cookie for himself, he very calmly told my daughter, "I'm sorry Katelyn, you can't have one of these. They have gluten." He was shocked to find out that yes, she could have one because they were gluten free. He'd just assumed that since they tasted so good, they couldn't possibly be gluten free.        

                                              Kimberly, Kalamazoo Michigan

Even though nobody in my family has celiac disease, we LOVE the cookies! I don't even like to eat "regular" cookies anymore because they just don't taste as good. My daughters ask every time I make cookies to make sure they are "gluten free"

                                                       Faith, non-celiac, Michigan

The cinnamon rolls are great!  We do not always eat gluten free so I kind of expected them to be a let down, but I literally have not stopped talking to people about these cinnamon rolls since I got them!  Thanks so much!                                       Hannah,  Alaska

My wife eats only gluten free and I got the cinnamon rolls  for her to try.  I almost NEVER like to eat or try what she eats, because most of it tastes awful.  The cinnamon rolls  looked so good I decided to try one myself..... I loved them!  These were just as good as any gluten containing cinnamon roll I have ever had.                                                             Ben (non celiac), Maine

Your cinnamon rolls are delicious!!!!  Thank you!                                                                                              Kari, Indiana

The highest standards.  The happiest customers.


Great taste, great product, best gluten free cinnamon roll I have ever had.  Great work!                   Paul, Illinois

Received our cinnamon rolls today.  They are VERY delicious.  They arrived in good order.  I am not sure how long they will last as my gluten eating husband loves them too :)!                                              Marie, Florida

We had a batch of cinnamon rolls this morning and they were great!!  They passed the dad test.  Thank you for making such a great product!                 Rebecca

I am so impressed with all of your products, you truly have a ‘sensation’ here and it’s evident that you have designed them with a focused attention to quality. This cutout cookie mix was fantastic and the frosting recipe is as well—what a great find! I actually enjoyed rolling out this recipe with your dough, which was easier than with conventional rollout wheat flour based dough. Your dough works readily under the rolling pin and cuts well even with intricate cookie cutter designs. Not requiring dough chilling before rollout really speeds up the overall process. Thank you for such a wonderful product!                            Alice